Email marketing and the Gmail ‘promotions’ tab

September 7, 2013

Email marketing and the Gmail ‘promotions’ tab

Over the last few months Google has rolled out an array of changes to Gmail. The introduction of category tabs and content filtering automatically sorts users emails into areas three areas; Primary, Social and Promotions. The new filtering system is great for hiding all of your LinkedIn group updates but does pose email marketers with new challenges.

Gmail Filtering

According to Strong View (previously Strong Mail) 46% of Gmail users only check their promotions tab once a week. As the role of an email marketer is to maximise the effectiveness of a client’s email it is imperative emails are seen, opened and acted upon. ask god  The new breed of smart inboxes requires smart marketing, See below for a list of recommendations on how to adapt to the recent Gmail update.


  • Check your database, how many Gmail users do you currently email?
  • Compare your open rates pre and post the Gmail tab update. Also compare other email clients to help assess the impact upon your campaigns. It may be that your email recipient list is made up of strong supporters with the new tabbing system having little effect.
  • Inform email recipients how to add you into their primary inbox. Write a blog, update via your social media profiles and send a targeted email to Gmail users. Make sure you give them a compelling reason to go to the trouble of changing their settings.

The full effect of the Gmail tab update will be revealed over the next few months, one of the most important things you can do is monitor the effects on your campaigns. Monitor results and adapt your tactical marketing accordingly.

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