Picking a start-up name. 3 free tools to check name availability.

July 13, 2015

Picking a start-up name

Picking a name for your business one is of the most exciting steps early on in the start-up journey. In this blog I cover three free tools to help you check the availability of potential business names.

WebCHeck (UK companies) 

Once you have your shortlist of potential company names the first point of call should be the Government run WebCHeck. The WebCHeck ‘Company Name Availability Search’ enables users to search the Companies House database of over 2 million companies. Results will reveal if your desired company name has been, or is currently in use.

Start-up tips. Picking a company name.

Find out more: http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk


Instant Domain Search

‘Instant Domain Search’ allows you to search the availability of website domains and click straight through to purchase via GoDaddy (should you want use them). If your target website domain is taken you can run a ‘WHOIS’ look up to find out who owns the URL, you can also engage a sales agent to speak to the current owner by clicking the ‘Make me an offer’ button.

If you decide to purchase an existing domain do some research into the history of the website. Purchasing a domain that has been penalised by Google or Bing would require an investment of time and/or money to get back up to scratch. A factor worth considering if SEO is going to play a part in your customer acquisition. For a quick domain test checkout: https://ismywebsitepenalized.com.

Start-up tips. Picking a web domain.

Find out more: www.instantdomainsearch.com


Name Chk

Social networks play a huge part in the marketing mix, ‘Name Chk’ enables you to check if your preferred social handle is available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Simply head over to www.namechk.com, enter your preferred handle and hit enter.

If your preferred name is taken you can click on the corresponding social network to see who currently owns the handle. If you have your heart set on the name you can always send them a message to see if a deal can be struck.

Start-up tips. Picking social media handles.

Find out more: www.namechk.com